Lost Remedies

by Atrocity Solution

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Reigning from barren north woods of the midwest, Atrocity Solution's "Lost Remedies" has pushed well beyond the boundaries of the crack rock steady genre.

The ska will make you dance, the thrash will make you mosh, the epicness will make your heart sink into your chest and the anthemic vocals will have you singing for days. But there's also hints of crust that will make your floors shake, Doom that will crash down like lighting and boom like thunder under your feet, and a whole bunch more of different genres that mend together to create what they've become today. "Lost Remedies" will no doubt, leave an imprint on your outlook of the ska punk genre.


released December 17, 2013

All songs written by Atrocity Solution

Special Guests:
Lydia Hynson - Cello
Robin McDowell - Violin/Viola
Michael Sewell - Trombone/Trumpet
Elliot Lozier - Piano
From the Cradle to the Rave - Watch The World Burn



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Atrocity Solution Wausau, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Equally Diseased
Let the monarchs fall and feel whats been tearing us apart
Far from the greed, Far from the wealth
In a city where we're drowning in our own filth
Imperialistic walls of statuesque like infamy
Are just illusions that you hide behind
And rely on oh so desperately to breathe

Bow down to no ones feet
We're all equally diseased
From the kings in the hills to the beggars in swill
We're drowning
From this currency creating ranks
To the poor in the drunken tanks
From the grave to the gutter
We're no better than each other
We're drowning collectively

I can't bear the sight of this city anymore
The kings in their thrones, collecting their bones
Famine and greed all wash ashore
Sweeping the land, taking lives by storm
Who will be there to hold up your head
When the sickness spreads leaving everyone dead
I can see what future holds
This is the end
Track Name: Picking Up The Pieces
Picking up the pieces as we all fall down
Never thought my life would feel so empty after all i've found
These materialistic ways, and the money that I crave
It's all surreal, it's all unreal
It's all just one big fucking scam
But I can't help but buy all my happiness
And the cost of all this shit leaves me so penniless
It's all a trick that they have set
And you sold your life for it
Another dollar that you'll never get back

Take a look at the life you've got
there's no room for empty space
Just stacks and stacks of useless things
Your money cannot sustain
And all this time you find yourself
All broke and out of change
The bills are piling up
And the money is going away
So don't be surprised when all the things that you have claimed
All start to come apart and look so ill and mundane
The unappealing after effects are closing in quick
It's almost as if, the fucking roof is caving in
Track Name: Panic State
Here it comes again, this rage consuming me
The bottom of this bottle is a place Is a place I shouldn't be
I'm a little uneasy in this state that I reside
The devils on my shoulder, and I'm starting to confide
In this place I call my home
A fucking waste beneath your throne
Who I am I've never known
It's here ill stand to die alone
So bury me, beneath this wretched place
And all that its become, and Erase this human waste

So we dreamed of better days
They seem so far away
But I can't afford to stay
In this panic state
All aboard this ship to hell
My friends I wish you well
But I can't afford to stay
In this panic state

Searching for a reason, my eyes begin to bleed
I’ve lost all control of this life in front of me
And the hate that resides deep within my bones
Has left me crippled under apathetic tones
Abandon all that we ever knew
And all we ever knew
Is that which makes me who I am
Track Name: Let Us Remember
Religion is a curse that is placed upon the earth
By the greedy and the needy and its raping you of worth
By our money hungry leaders and to them is just a game
So surrender all your morals, we all end up the same
We question the obsession and we ask ourselves why
In a world full of life we choose to lay down and die
Instead of living for what little time we have
Because were only getting older and we all fall apart

Let us remember that god is dead today
And when the day is done theres nothing left to say
No prayers can save you now
We live our lives without regret and
Your banners stand for nothing
All in all we all fall

The book of revelations have brought us too sedation
Bringing the silence through the violence
Empty threats of damnation
Because we only ask the questions when no one has the answers
We separate the church when the church is growing cancerous
So we ask ourselves in vain
What are we doing kneeling down in disarray
We hope we pray that sins will forever be forgiven
But the memories they always stay
They never go away

In the end there are no fairy tales
Just shallow graves to fill and fiction left to spill
And when the day is done, theres nothing solved and nothing won
Where is your god my friend
I'll tell you at the end
Track Name: Watch The World Burn
Watching the planet fall
Into a million pieces can make your mind so numb
And no one even seems to blink
All the people running scared
Turmoil and oppression will bring yourself to tears
It's a fear that no one likes to face

Cos its too fucking late there's no doubt
We're too deep in this grave to ever dig our way out
We're breathing shit and mud
We poured the concrete that fills our lungs

I'm ready to watch the world burn

So wake up and watch the fall
'Til our own greed consumes us all
We're all to blame so don't you choke on your last breath
How I dreamt of a beautiful demise
No sympathy for these peoples cries
The human race is laid to waste
There's no time left to say your last goodbyes

There's no time left to stop and repent
Can't stop the burning of flesh once the fire has been lit
We've been pissing gasoline
On the world for so long one spark and we're all gone
Track Name: Banshee
Passing through the airwaves it's same old fucking song
This broken record DJ has been in our pockets all along
As your plastic face is changing
All your voices stay the same
Prey on me, and the rest of us will sing

Goodbye to this shameful lullaby
The DJ on the radio has bled our eardrums dry
So we sing to all of those who got it right
Sing me one last song so I can sleep at night

Buried in the basement is a sound you have not found
Lost behind the curtain, not buried underground
An ocean full of mystery that you could not believe
If only for a moment all of these trends became extinct

I turned the record over just to see what I could find
But the record has been broken so I think its about that time we,
Change the recipe with some creativity over oceans over seas
Makin a sound that only we can
know and love cuz its in our hearts
Not produced just for the billboard charts
Cuz that’s not even art to me
The same old song in the same old key
There's endless possibilities, placed in front of thee
So change the fucking song throw it back till they’re all gone
Track Name: Ancient Roads
We wash our feet on the pavement of the sidewalk
But we'll always stand our ground
The four wheels of this van are falling off one by one
But will never bring us down
But we'll ride, till this van will meet the sunrise
Till the soles on our shoes run dry
And tatter holes that tell the stories
Of how we lived our lives

Take another look because were never coming home
This road is our family and our family's all we know
The ones we hold the closest are our brethren from our shows
Welcome to our home
Welcome to the road

And we, we are, we are the ones, that will tread
These ancient roads alike, till the day we die

Take your last look Because I'm walking out the door
I'll throw away the key as I coast along the shore
This streetlight signifies that we’ve made it on our own
Welcome to our home
Track Name: Withering Away
It took so long for you to see
What is wrong with your fallacies
And its reasoning is lead back to the seas
Deeply buried below this ground I stand
Stands ideas that can withstand
All the foolishness in retrospect my friend

so tell me

Why the blind see
Why the deaf hear
Why we're all just twiddling our lives away
Why the rich rule
Why the poor ache
Why were all just waiting here to rot away

Kill me my friend
Set me free from this pain that i so desperately depend on
I am withering away again
Why the hell would you come back to me, im bound to agony

I'm dead in the water floating onward
With the current that drifts upstream
There is no paddling backwards
Towards your hopes and futile dreams
Dream on, keep on swimming
You'll only lose what you achieve
The end is the beginning
So lets quit this silly notion
Because we'll never see reprieve
Track Name: When We're Dead
To this wall I take my step
Full of johns and janes that I have never met
And to this world I give my best
But I say
Honor those that'd rather they were dead
Those will be be remembered
In our hearts and in our heads

Turn the box of pictures off
Close the magazine with faces you have stalked
The crowd no longer has a lone
The faces you have stalked will never be known
Those will be remembered
Those will be remembered underground

On top of the world at the bottom of the end
Pay your respects and bow your head
Track Name: Take This To Your Grave
Inspirations gone
Faded heroes turned to dust
Reclamations song
Blink as we begin to rust
Follow the lines
Erase the tarnished rhythm
We'll stomp to the beat of our own ink

Lets take this empty road
As far as it can go
Hell is waiting for us beyond that iron road
Dismay has taken hold

Aspirations lost
Unguided ships will lose their way
A vacant families trust
A soaring beacons tucked away
Reach for the dirt
Dig deep, dig down my dear friend
The forgotten port where we set sail

We can't do anything but watch as it all falls apart
We can't do anything but scream as it all falls to pieces
Track Name: Fallacy Of Ruin
As we hobble on broken glass
Our wounds deeper than bone at last
A faint fickle tear of the skin
As the stones cascade from these rising winds
Hear our battle cry
Its inevitable fate where we all go to die
Drag me from the pits
Or take to hills and spread these decries

We are the fallen
Bound by chains
Guided by winds to
These vast desolate lands
That blind our ways
Strangle our fate

Feel my heart
Palpitate endlessly
These tattered limbs
Quiver under their remedies
Abandon all reason
And take to these fallacies
We shan't be imprisoned
By your immorality

This is the end, the end of days
Broke like a dog, forced to praise
Erase our lives, when will your god arise
Beckoned and bleak, forfeit the weak
Trampled by all, all their decree
How long must we abide
Only the strong will survive

Escape and spread this tale of atrocities
Before its too late, disband this final resting place
How long must we suffer
Shackled and shamed by this mandate
The fallen are under and no solution will be made